Onyx Slabs

Get ready to embrace a mind-boggling and exciting collection of onyx slabs online. Mosaic Tile Center is offering you the ultimate range of exotic and intriguing onyx slabs for your homes and offices.

Onyx is a special stone with characteristics properties. It isn’t an easy stone to manufacture slabs; until you have the expertise and skills as competent as our master artisans. The absolute charm of onyx slabs lies in its translucent character. Onyx slabs is purpose build to give your wall décor a glowing and startling décor, revealing the beauty of nature at its best.

Choose our premium quality and intricately designed onyx slabs to give your home décor an architectural elegance and beauty.

The extravagant collection of Onyx slabs will certainly leave you in awe and inspired. Mosaic Tile Center brings its valuable customers with the most exquisite and luxurious collection of enchanting onyx slabs.

To meet the needs of our customers we have bring in place a diverse assortment of Onyx slabs. All slabs comes from with precise cutting and extravagant finish. We are offering all standard sizes and other specifications for onyx slabs.

Onyx isn’t the easiest of natural rock to cut into slabs. Our master craftsmen make sure each and every slab is precisely cut to perfection and retain its aesthetic appeal and exquisiteness. Our finished onyx slabs are highly popular for offices and homes.


  • Masterly cut
  • Unique patterns
  • Precise detailing
  • Exquisite appeal