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Our Mosaic Tiles

Welcome to the Mosaic Tile Center! Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best in onyx and marble stone tiles at the most competitive prices on the internet. We not only select and deliver these tiles at the most affordable prices, but we back up our products with the highest level of dependability and service in the industry.

About the Mosaic Tile Center

The Mosaic Tile Center is a direct importer of the highest-quality onyx and marble stone from all over the world. If you were to stroll through our warehouse, you would find thousands of the finest stone tiles available for immediate delivery. Our stock includes Onyx Tiles, Onyx Mosaic Tiles, Marble Mosaic Tiles, Glass Mosaic Tiles, Onyx Countertops, Moldings, Non-Skid Tumbled Tiles, Onyx fireplaces/sinks, mosaic backsplash tiles and much more.;

Our large selection of Onyx and Marble colors and shades offers a variety of choices for professional builders, contractors and you. The Mosaic Tile Center is proud to bring elegance and splendor to your home or business through the beauty of its exquisite Onyx and Marble mosaic tile products.

How do we find our natural stone products?

We go to the mountain! That's right—our buyers are not standing on the dock waiting for the next shipment to find out what the next delivery may look like. We travel the world and select our stone, its shades, color and variations as it is being harvested right from the mountainside—and we've been doing this for over 20 years. We are professionals in this field and are ready and willing to answer all of your stone tile questions on marble, onyx and glass mosaic tile.

Why onyx mosaic tiles?

It's beautiful! The translucent beauty of Onyx, in its nearly infinite combination of patterns and shades, makes it an ideal choice for many different residential and commercial office designs. Bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, foyers and more—solid Onyx tiles make an elegant choice for almost any project.

Our Onyx mosaic tiles are so beautifully designed that they have become our most popular product. Onyx mosaic tiles have been viewed as elegant adornments throughout time. Onyx mosaic tiles provide both beauty and durability and are suited to either classic or contemporary styles. From the kitchen to the living room, our Onyx products will add just the right flair to your project.

Why marble mosaic tiles?

Marble stone tiles are slightly more affordable than onyx but still come in many beautiful and durable shades, colors and patterns. Marble is also among the most elegant and luxurious of stones. It is a high-quality stone that will last for generations. Marble is also used in creating beautiful mosaic tiles and can be used throughout the home or office to add flair to any room. Marble tile and marble mosaic tiles are used for walls, flooring, and bathrooms.

Why glass mosaic tiles?

Modern and stunning! Glass Mosaic Tiles are the latest and greatest for residential and commercial applications.  These tiles come in a variety of formulations and colors. Often mixed with actual stone pieces and/or stainless steel, new uses and designs are arriving every day.

Can I use marble mosaic tiles and onyx mosaic tiles for flooring?

Certainly, onyx floor tiles as well as marble flooring tiles are beautiful on floors. For added security, marble mosaic tiles and onyx mosaic tiles are often "tumbled" in a process of that results in a non-skid, non-slip or slip-resistant mosaic tile that is especially useful in bathrooms or other areas that often become wet.